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At No1JunkStreet, we offer the most advanced demolition waste collection services available in London. With over 8 years of experience on the market, we provide our clients with high-quality services that no other company can provide. Our reliable crew knows just what to do to handle all your waste collection quickly and efficiently, leaving your lot clean and ready for you to use for anything.We possess a whole fleet of containers in a variety of sizes that allow us to tailor our demolition waste collection services specifically to you. Regardless of their size, the containers can be placed in any safe, large location that will allow you easy access during the demolition process. Our vans can reach any area of the city, so no matter where your demolition area is located, you can be certain that we will be there on time, ready to help you throughout the whole process.

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Our company does much more that just provide you with a place to place all of your waste. As professionals with many years of experience, we are also here to share our knowledge and expertise that will help you make your demolition process run even smoother and faster.We can provide you with any advice on the capacity levels of our containers or Vans. You will be informed when the safe capacity level is reached and the container is overloaded. We can help recycle rebar and concrete. We do offer you recycle containers, but even if you don't place it there, we can still extract it before it goes into the landfill and proceed with the recycling process.

Whatever your need we have plenty of experience in removing rubbish from demolition sites.
Even if you run a demolition in Central London location we can help. Call our fantastic team for more details or you can also use our free online quotation.

After you are done with filling up our containers with the demolition waste, it will be transported to our fully licensed facility where we will dispose of it in a way that is both friendly to the environment and low in cost. Whether you're looking to dispose of your waste through recycling, recovering or landfill, we have all of those options on offer, so feel free to choose the one that suits you the best. Demolition is also a complex process from a legal standpoint. That's why we can also help you with all the required permissions and certificates so that everything is organised exactly as required by law. We'll help you deal with all the paperwork and you can be sure that all the services we offer are in line with current waste regulations.

Call our customer service today and we'll provide you with all the information you need. Our friendly operator will handle all the details, including the specific dates and costs, so that everything is settled quickly and effortlessly.

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