Waste & Recycling In The UK (Infographic)

How to Segregate Waste at Home

Back in February 2018, 18 environmental organisations strongly urged the UK Government to deal with the growing rubbish problem in the UK, better phrased as the “packaging waste mountain”, by setting legally binding targets, following new waste and recycling figures that were published by Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra).

Several campaigners from groups including the Marine Conservation Society, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF have called out to the UK Government to take “radical and decisive action” on single-use plastics, which are contributing to choking the oceans and ending up in our food systems.

The UK Government’s 25-year Environment Plan was hugely anticipated and aims to eradicate all “avoidable” plastic waste by the end of 2042, but with many businesses and some councils dedicated to tackling the issue ahead of time, the pressure is growing on ministers to act, and fast!

So, how bad is the waste problem in the UK?

Here, the team at No.1 Junk Street provides a visual of the UK’s waste problem and recycling activities in the form of shocking facts & statistics plus a few graphs and charts for good measure.